Daily Schedule Kailua

The following is a daily schedule sample:

 7:00am  Arrival/Indoor Activities

 8:15am  Hand washing/Breakfast

 9:15am  Large Group Circle Time

 9:30am  Outdoor Play/Small Groups

10:30am  Learning Centers (indoor and outdoor lanai)

11:15am  Clean-up/ Large Group Story Time

11:30am  Hand washing/Lunch

12:00pm  Clean-up/Bathrooms

12:30pm  Rest Time

 2:30pm  Wake-up/Bathrooms/Afternoon Snack

 3:00pm  Learning Centers (indoor and outdoor lanai)

 4:00pm  Clean-up/ Large Group Time

 4:10pm  Outdoor Play

 5:00pm  School Closes/Departure

*This schedule is flexible and responsive to the individual needs of the children.
**Time to transition is allotted in between each transition.
***Hand washing/Toileting is always done in-between transitions as well.
*Times may vary according to location.


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