Daily Schedule Ko Olina

The following is a daily schedule sample:
6:30 am School opens, learning center
7:15 am Children go to designated classrooms for Learning Centers.
8:00 am Clean-up centers, breakfast set up, circle time: story
8:15 am Breakfast cleanup, outdoor play
9:15 am Clean up playground
9:30 am Toileting, mid-morning snack
9:45 am Circle time: morning meeting, songs, calendar
10:00 am Learning Center
10:45 am Clean up
11:00 am Outdoor Play, lunch set up
11:30 am

12:00 noon Lunch clean up, toileting (bathroom/ toothbrushing), quiet time
12:30 pm Nap
2:30 pm Wake up, toileting
2:45 pm Afternoon snack
3:00 pm Learning center
3:45 pm Clean up
4:00 pm Outdoor play
5:00 pm Clean up, circle time: story, late afternoon snack
5:30 pm Center Closes


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