Daily Schedule Ocean Pointe

The following is a daily schedule sample:

6:00 am School opens, indoor activities
7:30 am Light Breakfast/ Clean up
8:00 am Outdoor Activities
9:00 am Large group - morning meeting, sing songs, to do calendar, colors, shapes, overview of the day
9:30 am Morning Snack
9:45 am Learning Center/Small group activities/ lanai activities
10:45 am Outdoor Activities
11:30 am Lunch
12:00 noon Cleanup/ Brush Teeth
12:15 pm Rest time, read books, talk, quiet down
12:30 pm Naptime
2:30 pm Wake up, put blankets away, afternoon snack
2:45 Snack time
3:00 pm Outdoor Actitvities
3:45 pm Indoor/ lanai activities
5:00 pm Large group circle time
5:15 pm Outdoor Activities
6:00 pm School Closes


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