Adult Day Center at Kapolei

Seagull Schools adult day center is located in the heart of the Kapolei business district right next to Kapolei Regional Park. The program's attractive new buildings are complemented by beautifully landscaped grounds and its stimulating environment. A unique feature of the center is its purposeful design that integrates adult activities with the adjoining preschool. The result is a program that mutually benefits young children and older adults in an atmosphere that resembles a small village. The caring environment is complemented by a well trained staff and a schedule of activities that stimulates physical and mental well being.

Interaction with the preschool children takes place via structured activities and through spontaneous casual interactions. Excursions to the nearby Kapolei Shopping malls and on buses away from the center provide added stimulation and enjoyment for the senior clients.

Volunteers are highly valued and appreciated for their support and enrichment of our programs. If you would like to volunteer with Seagull Schools, call the school directly. It's fun and rewarding.

The center's affordable rates and extended hours of operation that include Saturdays provide care that supports the needs of working families. Financial assistance for tuition is available for eligible clients through a Persons In Need grant from the Hawaii Community Foundation and funding from Seagull Schools, Inc.

Phone Number:
(808) 674-1160
Fax Number:
(808) 674-1167


91-531 Farrington Hwy.
Kapolei, HI 96707